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SRCφ3000mm Pebble Pipe Jacking Machine

Date:2018-09-26 11:18:25

On September 12,2018 ,the SRCφ3000mm Pebble Pipe Jacking Machine which designed by our company for the 110/220KV power pipe gallery project of Nansha Port Station-Fuzhou Station of Wanlong Avenue Project Department has been finished successfully.
Sharp tools make good work.Our company manufacturing the pipe jacking machine named "Wanlong 1" for the project of Nansha Port Station-Fuzhou Station,which suitable long distance through plastic drain plate and multi-curve pipe jacking."Wanlong 1" designed Scientific, systematic and meticulous, optimization and production supervision are carried out to ensure that our weapons are in the optimal condition, which will help the underground electric dragon to extend freely and display its skill.



       “Wanlong 1” is super-large, ultra-wide, ultra-high, overweight for its diameter 3.63 meters,length 5.9 meters and total weight more than 70 tons.After a long journey of 8 days ,with the meticulous organization and close cooperation of our department and the transport unit,the big guy finally arrived at the construction site smoothly,and finished the equipment preparation work by the commissioning of the pipe jacking through the orderly operation of our professional mechanical engineer.

   At present, the construction of Nansha Power Pipe Gallery  project has been carried out smoothly, the working shaft of No. 12 # has been finished.The horn of driving is about to blow, the pipe jacking machine "Wanlong 1"and its corollary equipment will be ready to enter the site.

  “Wanlong 1” was born with a major mission and all the preparatory work for the project have been ready well. Here we wish it could take off auspicious like its name in the tunneling of Nansha Power Pipe Gallery.