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Mountain crossing tunnel project in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province

Date:2020-04-22 11:11:08

  The length of the tunnel is about 1400m, and the pipe diameter is DN1500.The geological conditions of the project are quite complex. It is a composite stratum composed of granite, boulder and sand, with a maximum uniaxial compressive strength of 140 MPa.As a small-diameter long-distance hard rock pipe jacking project, the tunnel forming quality is required to be high, so the construction is very difficult. It is a challenge to the efficient rock breaking, reliability and adaptability of rock pipe jacking machine.
  In response to the complex geological characteristics of the local area, in order to create high-quality projects, Tangxing Machinery Equipment has tailored a 4-spoke 4-panel composite cutter head for it, which provides a powerful guarantee for the long-distance and complex strata.In the process of tunneling, the problems of mud cake formation and clogging of the slurry discharge port that are prone to occur during the driving process, the slag inlet is scientifically set for the cutter head of the pipe jacking machine. , Effectively solve the problem of mud cake.