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●Designed for medium-coarse sand, weathered and strong weathered sand stone.
●Low speed and large toque drive mechanism, strong excavation force,3 times overload coefficient.
●Independent water injection and grouting system improves excavation soil condition applied to different ground.
●Low ground settlement, the minimal cover depth is only 1.5 times of the pipe OD.
●Central supported cutter,compact and lightweight, long service life, easy maintenance.
●Screw conveyor transfer soil in large quantity and conveyable grain size.
●2.5°steer angle,controlled by electrical system, easy operation, quickly response, digital displayed. 
●Full face cutting, 100% opening rate.

Technical Parameters:

1800~2800 EPB Pipe Jacking Machine Technical Parameter:
Technical parameter
Concrete pipe diameter(mm) Φ1800 Φ2000 Φ2200 Φ2400 Φ2600 Φ2800  
Machine head OD×Length mm Φ2180×5000 Φ2420×5000 Φ2660×5000Φ 2900×5200 Φ3110×5200 Φ3350×5200  
Cutting head Motor power Kw 22×4 30×4  
Max. torque KN.m 422 650  
Rotation rate:rpm 1.99 1.77  
Rectifying system Cylinder no. 8 8  
Thrust: T 80×8 80×8 120×8 120×8 120×8 80×8
Deviation angle 2.5 2.5  
Motor power:Kw 4 4  
Screw conveyor Motor power kw 15 30  
ID of conveyor mm Φ400 Φ560  
Excavated quantity m3/h 34 50  
Jacking speed: mm/min 0~100 0~100
Machine head weight:(ton) 18 20 24 32 37 43
Machine head total power Kw 110 160
cable 220m 220m
control PLC remote control (touch screen) PLC remote control (touch screen)
  Application Soft soil,hard soil,clay,sandy soil & gravel

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