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Φ1650 Rock Pipe Jacking Machine

MACHINE ODXL(MM): Φ2000*5000


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Rock pipe jacking machine adopts gear transmission mechanism, large transmission torque, there is no central axis, maintenance personnel can freely enter the slurry chamber, can tunneling in sand, gravel and rock

Technical Parameters:

φ1650mm Pebble Pipe Jacking Machine 
Pipe Jacking Machine
Pipe Jacking Machine OD (MM) ¢2000
Length (MM) 5000
Cutter Disc
Cutter Head Motor Power(KW*QTY) 37*2
Revolution Speed(RPM) 3.7
Torque (KN.M) 190
Correcting System
Cylinder No. (PCS) 4
Thrust (T*QTY)  80*4
Max. Correcting Angle (°) 3.7
Pump Station Motor Power (KW) 2.2
Slurry Pipe Diameter (INCH) 
Machine Total Power(KW) 78
Jacking Cylinder Total Thrust(T) 200
Total No. (PCS) 4
Stroke(MM) 2500/3000/3500
Control Remote PLC Control(Touch Screen)
Soil Sandy pebble rock gravel

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